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AidWorksWonders is the organization that Isabel Kabra founded after being on parole. Its first appearance was on The Medusa Plot, when Natalie Kabra saw a sign advertising it. It is later revealed in The Dead of Night that it is a fake, and it was only portrayed by actors and children. The network maybe the funding for the Vespers as well because Isabel Kabra is a Vesper. It is very unlikely it will come back or ever mentioned again.

AWW Columbia HQ.


The Medusa Plot

Aid works wonders.jpg

Natalie Kabra sees a sign advertising Aid Works Wonders before she is kidnapped in Harrods.

The Dead of Night

Ian travels to South America and finds out that AidWorksWonders is a fake, and all the workers and children were portrayed by actors.

Trust No One

Ian tells Amy how he suspects AidWorksWonders to be a cover for Isabel Kabra, and possibly the Vespers.

Day of Doom


Isabel, under the cover of AWW, makes an speech telling the public "that an apoclypse is among us".