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Agent Cards are cards that readers can make online, and share with other players. A code is generated that can be added like other cards.

Creating Agent Cards[]

You can have an Agent Card by creating an account in The 39 Clues Website. Once you have logged in, you can go to the "Agent Card" section and decorate your card. When you move up a level or rank, you can get more things to decorate your Agent Card.

Step 1: Alias Generator[]

This is the only step that cannot be undone or redone. You make an alias by choosing the words you'd like out for your alias name and a number is added according to when you did it (Ex: if you are the 5th person to do "AdmiralChipher" then you will be "AdmiralChipher5" unless you refresh for a different number).

Step 2: Decorating Agent Cards[]

Back of Agent Cards[]

The back is now uneditable and shows your two series medals, 4 medals from the previous mission, extra medals, and if you're a Madrigal.

Sharing Agent Cards[]

Cards are shared in various ways, the two main ways being sending to friends who are also agents or publishing them on the internet anywhere possible. Most people will post on places relevant to the hunt, such as on questions on services like WikiAnswers or Yahoo Answers or forums with a 39 Clues section. Here is an example that works: P4H44K4RXP. (see below for more agent card codes)

Agent Card Codes[]

Below are codes that you can share with others. To add your card to the table, type your card code, branch, and alias in the designated spots. If you have a user on this wikia, you are welcome to put it there, if you like.

Example (that works. PLEASE DO NOT EDIT THE EXAMPLE):

Code: P29K3FCNXP

Branch: Lucian

Alias: TriggerDragonfly1

Username: Patrick Carman

Due to the size of the table, it is hidden. Click "Expand" to view the table.



Username (Optional)

P4H44K4RXP Ekaterina analyzingaggressive31
P24NDG4CXP Ekaterina GoldenDragon42
P27DX9XKXP Madrigal EmeraldInvestigator4 ~
P766P22PXP Lucian/Madrigal commanderred38 j.cahill1928
P4G4MPNNXP Janus DesertSquall1 Gordon Korman
P24HM7N9XP Janus SwampHamster1

Peter Lerangis

P4G4MPNNXP Ekaterina FloatingSky7 Jude Watson
P29K3FCNXP Lucian TriggerDragonfly1 Patrick Carman
P2CRFMKTXP Lucian PowerfulDragon13

Linda Sue Park

Ekaterina CelebratingAqua94 Margaret Peterson Haddix
2X7RM6KXP Janus SaladinSilver5
P4K9CGJFXP Ekaterina CommandoCobra365


P4F74RX3XP Lucian RedDetective7

User: MegaDewDu

P4JHPRNGXP Ekaterina CommanderKing10 ~
P2222RTNXP Ekaterina SecretAssassin1 User:Brendon82498
P66DKWPJXP Ekaterina Dragoncase3 User: Eshsdd
P22CM2CGXP Lucian PantherAthlete8 User: Hicard
Ekaterina DragonLynx23 User:The Awesome X!
Janus AnalyzingBaseball4 User:Manningeli1
Ekaterina HovercraftBlizzard4 User: MidgetMan258
P2DHCPGJXP Lucian LionDecoding3 User:Owlish
P4D7R42XXP Ekaterina SoldierCat1 ~
P29T79HCXP Lucian CrimsonCommando24 ~
P232DJ2KXP Lucian CommanderCat1 User: BillboyX
P2H7TTGGXP Lucian WinningDragon18 ~
P332NNX6XP Lucian NimbleStorm2 ~
Ekaterina CrimsonCyclone8 User:Sweetrose098
P4H7X697XP Lucian ProudClever2 User:TheCahillGal
Ekaterina AgentRegretful1 ~
P3NNGN6WXP Janus Privatewolf12 ~
P4PHKXNGXP Ekaterina


Ekaterina InvestigatingProud1 User:Pengerui
Ekaterina SilverSong3 User:Mermaidgirl45
Janus AgentBlack201 ~
P22W66C3XP Lucian WindFire1 User:Agent WindFire
P3NHJX7MXP Ekaterina AgentDragon910 ~
Madrigal AmazingWolf39 ~
P39TR4X3XP Lucian CobraEmerald66


P26GNJXCXP Lucian IntelligenceLucian9 ~
P3C9DCRHXP Lucian OustsmartingAmythest5 ~
P2WK9RFWXP Lucian CatCheerful12 User:eeeee127
P3R9J3KKXP Ekaterina CatBook16 ~
Janus TestingWriting1 ~
Ekaterina SORKIAIROX User:Mischiefe
Ekaterina DirectorAzure11 User:Lolzwat
P2CJD7T9XP Janus Fightingwolf18 User:Rocketslug
P2W632J6XP Ekaterina YellowAgent17 ~
P4G4MPNNXP Ekaterina AmethystDolphin112 ~
P3JRPJ27XP Lucian Blackdecoy8 ~
P3NJX3PWXP Lucian Agentsanke165 ~
P6NWJCXCXP Lucian ApolloBagel8 ~
P3RPTDJ4XP Tomas RedSnapper61 User:Tiki tooki
P23GKWPFXP Ekaterina DragonLord5 User:Spodzer
P274CWKWXP Tomas Aquabull18 ~
P3WKFTCGXP Ekaterina AdeptGadget2 ~
P2GNNJNPXP Lucian AdmiralChipher1 User:InvaderMEEN
P23GKWPFXP Ekaterina SmartSphinx9
P3JN9TK6XP Janus DetectiveDragon75


P2TKT9KJXP Ekaterina EkaterinaBlack2 User:Swordcross
P4C4M9DKXP Lucian LucianTravel1 Simont786
P2D6DX3NXP Ekaterina AgentAqua132 User:Happyaqua
P2J6G9RFXP Ekaterina Kitsune012 ~
P4J2FCFJXP Lucian MoonLightning1 ~
P469D79CXP Ekaterina SurvivorAgent9 User: VictoriaG98
P49GRNFRXP Janus Breakingband25 ~
P247XFN7XP Ekaterina AmberAgent9 ~


Lucian User:Fiske Cahill
P3NJNXD3XP Tomas TomasAgent26 ~
P273FC9XXP Janus EmeraldJanus1 User: OrangeMan25
P4FCRD9KXP Lucian JacenSolo ~
Ekaterina AgentCobra1467 User:Bmltera
P2CN2NMWXP Lucian AgentPanther128 ~
P4G292GJXP Lucian User:Vesper9696


P33GDFXP Ekaterina EagleSneaking4 ~
P2HD4M9HXP Lucian TechnologyDragon14 ~
P4FMM7TDXP Tomas FightingClone3


P2WP4NGWXP Ekaterina EagleBlack18


P247TNFNXP Ekaterina EkaterinaDragon26 User:Jeffrey02
P23RK2WGXP Lucian EnthusiasticRooster1



Janus JanusMadrigal14


P399WRNNXP Lucian BlackBulldog76 ~
P4JNMH7CXP Janus MaroonDiplomat1 ~
P4T7J37JXP Janus PatrolJanus1 Beast Boy Cahill
P4937MJXXP Lucian AquaAqua468 Romeo Cahill Stelards
P2H4KNWWXP Tomas Breakinganalyzing57 Agent1259
P2CNCXMGXP Ekaterina AgentActreess28 Caprice Cahill-Jackson
P3WKMFH2XP Tomas RedCity4 Cleveland165
P4PGHKJHXP Lucian SecretAgent819 ~
P63JKXWDXP Ekaterina CommandoBand7 ~
P4DC7PJWXP Janus SpiderAssassin69 ~
P4NCG69KXP Lucian AgentDragon1321 ~
P37RWH7FXP Madrigal CardAlliance1 SpongeFanNo1
P4W23DF3XP Ekaterina DragonAnalyzing0 Nivlac12
P3PGF2X4XP Lucian PenguinRed50 ~
P4TP4D7GXP Ekaterina CoverCircle1 ~
P4RFHH4DXP Ekaterina DolphinRed30 ~
P26R73MRXP Tomas FireDragon113 Dragon511
P4H3K6J4XP Janus DecipheringCobra122 ~
P2F69HWHXP Tomas EmeraldCobra138 ~
P3N34KHFXP Ekaterina SilverRose46 ~
P4DDM7KMXP Ekaterina OutsmartingKitten6 ~
P4HDG6R7XP Ekaterina PlatinumSnake7 KataKombs
P4XMXGGJXP Ekaterina ClassifiedAssasin197 ~
P4H44K4RXP Ekaterina AnalyzingAggresive67 chromium
P2NK7RTXXP Lucian AgentCobra467




P4KPXPNPXP Janus BlackArt88 ~
P397P22FXP Tomas HorseDelighted2 User:HorseDelighted2
P4K297RDXP Janus LivelyJade1 ~
P4NG72G6XP Lucian BreakingAirship116 ~


Ekaterina AmazingAnalyzing203 User:Peddyreddy123
P49GNG6KXP Tomas DarkBull18 ~
P6G2WPMJXP Tomas ZephyrThief7 User:Hermes03
P3RC334FXP Lucian DolphinAmazing30 ~
P3R6DTX4XP Ekaterina AnalyzingEkaterina10 ~
P6467RK3XP Lucian WolfArt188
P4JHPRNGXP Madrigal Strawberryrose ~
P4X6MHF9XP Tomas TigerCobra57
P297TJR2XP Ekaterina YellowDragon47
P6623MMRXP Lucian AgentX-Ray51
Lucian AmazingAble44
P69J9HTJXP Ekaterina Catblack34
P4RTGM36XP Lucian EmarldCaptain12 User: EmarldCaptain
P3KP4X2MXP Ekaterina BreakingClassified51 User: Wowp
P693JXH2XP Ekaterina BulldogGadjet12
P6C3R4JXXP Janus CelebratingAdventure299
P6667NXCXP Janus ChaserAssociation1
P6FCJ6XPXP Lucian GoldCobra353 User: Edward1532


P6FCNJ73XP Lucian

IceBlizzard20 (Agent of the week October 24th, 2013!)





P6KCGRTCXP Ekaterina



P6KCH4W4XP Tomas



P62W3G37XP Ekaterina



P66RWPDJXP Janus CaptainJanus8 ~
P6FGDNTMXP Lucian AquaAmbitious136 ~




P6HHD966XP Lucian DragonAssasin456


P39HH7JDXP Lucian AnalyzingPysched2 User:Flabshoe1
P4449JGWXP Lucian BrilliantBlizzard12
P6KGP2CDXP Ekaterina CaptainShark12
P6GJW6MGXP Janus GriffinAnubis39 User:Clue-Collector
P22RND4JXP Ekaterina AgentMetropolis10 aka AgentMetropolis1 User:JJHakimoto
P2M4FKFHXP Lucian Agent Capitalcelebrating1 aka AnalyzingWizard7 User:Capitalcelebrating 1
Ekaterina Nebulaphoenix100
User:Cahill Cometstar
P6PWCK9XXP Lucian BlackVolcano27
P6R2WCGJXP Lucian KingMagenta3
User:Ricardo Bonilla
P6TFR2JHXP Ekaterina CrimsonHistory22 User:TryinaD
P27DXJM6XP Janus MerlinMerlin63 User:Charlotte AmberAgent Ranks
P76FMKW4XP Janus SpringGreen63
P74RCKTDXP Lucian ClueDolphin45
P76NGF2MXP Ekaterina midnightdragon4376
P76TFWMPXP Ekaterina CoolLightning25
P776F9H4XP Tomas GreenBook284
Rank Lucian Ekaterina Janus Tomas

Level 1

Python Agent Lab Agent Amateur Agent Rookie Agent
Level 2 Anaconda Agent Engineer Agent Understudy Agent Starter Agent
Level 3 Rattlesnake Agent Inventor Agent Debut Agent Pro Agent
Level 4 Copperhead Agent Gamma Agent VIP Agent Champion Agent
Level 5 Black Mamba Agent Quantum Agent Celebrity Agent All-Star Agent
Level 6 Death Adder Agent Atomic Agent A-list Agent MVP Agent
Level 7 King Cobra Agent Supernova Agent Superstar Agent Hall of Fame Agent
Level 8 Tiger Snake Agent Pulsar Agent Red Carpet Agent Olympic Agent
Level 9 Krait Agent Interstellar Agent Trendsetter Agent World Record Agent
Level 10 Taipan Agent Galactic Agent Blockbuster Agent Legendary Agent