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Adolf Hitler was a German politician and the leader of the infamous Nazi Party.

It is unknown if Adolf Hitler was a Cahill, but some people thought he was, because of the fact that in 'The Maze of Bones,' Lucian Natalie Kabra mentioned to Alistair Oh that there had been a war between the Ekaterinas and Lucians and that, "It didn't go very well for your branch (Ekaterina), now did it? " However, these people forget in the next sentence, Alistair mentions a 1908 explosion in Siberia (Lucian work), and that Adolf Hitler was seventeen at the time. Still, Hitler may actually have been a Cahill.

The Führer may have been a Vesper. During the Holocaust, every corpse was stripped of its valuable items... watches, rings, etc. It is not clear what branch or family Adolf Hitler was in. He could have been a Lucian, or a Vesper. He and his wife committed suicide at age 56 together, because they knew that they were about to be captured by the Soviet Force.


According to The Cahill Files: Operation Trinity, Adolf Hitler was not a Vesper nor a Cahill. The Vespers persuaded him to steal the altarpiece which Hitler also wanted as he believed that it lead to a treasure that gave unlimited power. That is why the Vespers easily convinced him to steal it from the Louvre. However after this, he may have joined the Vespers.

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